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PALP is an integrated service provider for its clients in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry.

 We offer a wide range of services such as engineering, procurement for various types and sizes of projects, in addition to rendering turnkey contracts as GC or MC.

Our engineering team has been included of professionals and skilled workforce who are well adept with the local laws, regulations, procedures and client requirements in the region.






The PALP project team will be responsible to ensure that the engineering work and basic/detailed design is delivered in accordance with contractual commitments and schedules to meet all project objectives. Following activities will be accomplished in engineering team of the project:

-All design work for the project will be reviewed by project engineering department for approval prior to implementation of the detailed design. Preparation of drawings, specifications, bill of materials for tendering and construction.

-Review and approval of vendor designs and drawings.

-Technical coordination of interfaces between other sub-contractors.

-Participation in tender evaluations.

-Other activities related to the proper planning and execution of the engineering work in a coordinated manner with procurement and construction.



PALP will assign at the start of the Project a dedicated Project Team for the Project execution and operation of the work until the Project is successfully completed and accepted by the client. PALP will assign a Project Manager as the representative of the contractor.


Under the Project Manager, the following Managers will be assigned:

-Project Control Engineer is responsible for Project schedule control, cost control, risk management, scope change control and documentation as well as reporting on Project progress, schedule, cost and any other information required by the Project Directorate.


-Project Engineering Coordinator is responsible for development of basic and detail engineering. This includes engineering schedule and maintaining of engineering quality.

The Project Team will be located at the Engineering Center of PALP in Tehran, Iran. This office will be designated as the PALP head office and will be the center for all project management and control activities from the start of work to about the 24th Project month when the engineering and procurement activities will be essentially completed.


Services that will be provided from the PALP head office include the following:



-Project management

-Preparation and/or issue of Project procedures

-Preparation and issue of Project schedule

-Engineering coordination

-Project documentation

-Procurement services