PALP,  shall be responsible for the provision of all equipment, materials, labor and supervision required for the construction. we ensure that all site personnel both, its own and Subcontractors, are fully qualified and competent to carry out the WORK, and that all personnel are adequately supervised at all times.


In addition, Palp shall ensure that all tests and qualifications, e.g., welding is satisfactorily performed and recorded, as required by the specifications and codes. we shall also be responsible for the provision of any on-site engineering, procurement or other field services which may be required as a result of design changes and additional work and for all costs associated with the attendance of Vendor specialists during the fabrication, installation, testing and inspection,


• Subcontractor organization charts

• Manpower histograms, including a break down by trade

• Construction equipment list, including mobilization and demobilization schedule

• Temporary Facilities Plan

• Heavy lifts

• Path of Construction, including the sequence, key milestones, and target dates for each activity

• Subcontractor Management Plan, including Subcontract Packages

• Material control at the SITE

• Quality Assurance/Quality Control

• Health, Safety and Environment

• Security




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